BSCS 4-year Plans

4-year Academic Plans for BSCS Students

The linked plans provide suggested schedules for students entering Hood as first-year students. The schedules ensure that you will meet all of the major and degree requirements within 4 years. There is some flexibility in their implementation, and they should be used in consultation with your academic advisor.

Assumptions and Constaints for the plans

Assumptions: The student

  • is not restricted to a limited credit load
  • has at least Level 2L Math Placement. Students who do not achieve this placement level may have difficulty pursuing the major.
  • places at the 101-level in foreign language. Students who place into 103 or higher exempt the core requirement and can receive additional credits if they take the language the first semester.
  • takes First Year Seminar
  • is not participating in the Honors program. Students in the Honors program will take Honors colloquia in place of the FYS and three Methods of Inquiry courses and will take upper-level honors courses in place of electives. Honors students must also complete a language through the 104-level.

Core Curriculum :

  • The FYS currently acts as a wild card that can replace a Methods of Inquiry core course. However it is not clear if this option will continue, so these plans include all Methods of Inquiry categories and the FYS.
  • The required major course CSIT 302 Impact of Computers on Society also meets the Global Perspectives core requirement.
  • The schedules indicate specific Methods of Inquiry categories in specific semesters; these may be interchanged in the schedule as needed.

Major constraints:

  • The major courses will require three years to complete, typically more.
  • Prospective transfer students who expect to complete the program in fewer than three years must successfully transfer the equivalents of most of the initial courses CS I & II, Calculus I & II, and discrete mathematics. Most Maryland community colleges which prepare students for transfer to College Park or UMBC have a standard CS I and CS II sequence.
  • CS 474 and CS 475 are only offered in the fall and spring respectively. Students who intend to finish in December should take the sequence the preceding year.

Other constraints:

  • All science courses must be lab courses
  • Additional math courses must be at least 200-level

Reference Chart: BSCS Course Prerequisite Structure


Foundation: CS I, CS II, Data structures, Computer Organization. These courses are Freshman/Sophomore or Sophomore level, depending on the student's entering preparation.

Core: Mid-level courses, which may be prerequisite to advanced courses. Algorithms, Database, Software Engineering. Sophomore/Junior level.

Advanced Core : Required courses with more prerequisites. Operating systems and Programming Languages. Junior/Senior level.

Capstone: Capstone Proseminar, Senior Project. Strictly senior level. Though only database and software engineering are specifically required, most required coursework should be completed before
taking these courses, not piled up concurrently.

Electives: include AI, Data Comm, Architecture, Robotics, Machine Learning, Parallel Programming, Web Programming, Digital Logic(offered infrequently), and special topics.

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