4-year Plan 1

4-year Plan 1: Level 3 math placement; begin major courses in first year first semester.

Freshman year: Fall
15-16 credits
(7-8 core, 4 major, 4 math/sci)
Freshman year: Spring
15-16 credits
(4-5 core, 4 major, 7 math/sci)
FYS 101-03 Joy of Computing (3cr) or other FYS.
CS 201 CS I (4cr)
Math 201 Calculus I (4cr)
Core Methods of Inquiry: Soc & Behav (3-4cr)
PE (1cr)
ENGL 1xx (3-4cr)
CS 202 CS II (4cr)
Math 202 Calculus II (4cr)
Math 207 Discrete Math (3cr)
PE (1cr)
Sophomore year: Fall
15 credits
(8 core, 3 major, 4 math/sci)
Sophomore year: Spring
17 credits
(7 core, 6 major, 4 math/sci)
CS 219 Data Structures (3cr)
For Lang 101 (4cr)
Lab ScienceA I (4cr)
Core Methods of Inquiry: History (4cr)
CS 226 Computer Organization (3cr)
CS 319 Algorithms (3cr)
For Lang 102 (4cr)
Lab ScienceA II (4cr)
Core Methods of Inquiry: Philosophy (3cr)
Junior year: Fall
16 credits
(0 core, 9 major, 7 math/sci)
Junior year: Spring
16-18 credits
(3-4 core, 6 major, 4 math/sci, 3-4 elective)
CS 324 Software Engineering (3cr)
CS 471 Programming Languages (3cr)
CS Elective (3cr)
Lab ScienceB I or level 200+ Math (4cr)
Math 112 Statistics (3cr)
CS 329 DBMS (3cr)
CS 464 Operating Systems (3cr)
Lab ScienceB II or level 200+ Math (4cr)
Core Methods of Inquiry: Arts (3-4cr)
Free Elective (3-4cr)
Senior year: Fall
16-17 credits
(4 core, 9 major, 3-4 elective)
Senior year: Spring
12-14 credits
(6 major. 6-8 elective)
CS 474 Capstone Proseminar (3cr)
CS Elective (3cr)
CSIT 302 Impact of Computers on Society (3cr)
Core Methods of Inquiry: Literature (4cr)
Free Elective (3-4cr)
CS 475 Senior Project (3cr)
CS Elective (3cr)
Free Elective (3-4cr)
Free Elective (3-4cr)

Total credits shown: 122-129 depending on core and elective choices where both 3 & 4 credit courses are options.
A student must either select some 4-credit options or take an additional course. A student who selects primarily 4-credit courses may take fewer electives if desired.

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