Computer Science (M.S.)

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a 33-credit degree program for persons seeking to enhance their professional qualifications and stature through graduate study in computer science. Individuals who graduate from the program will acquire knowledge and develop problem-solving skills that prepare them to hold a variety of scientific and technical positions in the area of computing applications. Graduates will also be prepared for further work at the doctoral level.

Students may choose to pursue a specialty track in Artificial Intelligence or in Networks and Distributed Computing, or may design an individualized program with approved electives.


A student entering the program must meet all admission requirements of the Hood College Graduate School.

The program is designed for students having a strong undergraduate foundation in computer science. Students whose undergraduate degree is not in computer science may be admitted to the graduate school and demonstrate the necessary background by completing or exempting five prerequisite courses.

Time required

This program meets the needs of working students who study on a part-time basis. It is also suitable for full-time study if the student satisfies the foundation requirements. An international student who must have full-time status and who enters the program without completion of the foundation courses may need to take additional courses that are not part of the program in order to maintain that status when beginning the program. In this case, we will assist the student to enroll in courses in other related areas, such as mathematics. These supplementary courses will not count towards the degree completion.

The amount of time required to complete the degree will vary, depending on how many courses are taken each semester. All program requirements must be completed within seven years.

Program Requirements

For program requirements, see the 2018-2019 Hood College Catalog entry (opens in a new tab).

For planning, use the Computer Science non-research option Program Planning Guide or the Computer Science research option Program Planning Guide

Advisory Board

The program faculty meet annually with the Computer Science Advisory Board to discuss program direction, objectives and offerings. See the Computer Science Advisory Board page for a list of members.

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