Management Information Systems (M.S.)

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) is an inter-discipline graduate degree designed to meet the demand for managers with both business and information technology skills. The purpose of the MIS program is to prepare women and men who will be responsible for managing information technology projects and teams in organizations.

This preparation is achieved through a comprehensive set of studies which provide students with knowledge and skills related to 1) the business issues associated with the management of complex, large technology projects and the people who work within those projects; and, 2) the discipline of information technology and the issues which must be confronted in order to consider, design, develop, manage, implement, and deploy successful information technology solutions within organizations.


The Master of Science in Management Information Systems is a 36-credit program designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals attending on a part-time basis who wish to complete their degree by taking classes in the evening. This program is intended for:

  • persons holding a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field,
  • persons holding a bachelor's degree in business, and/or
  • persons holding a bachelor's degree in any field and already employed in an information technology area who are seeking additional academic background as part of a career and professional growth program.

In addition to the admission requirements established by the Graduate School, should submit a resume and statement of purpose as part of the application materials.

In addition, letters of reference, and an interview with the director of Management Information Systems degree program, where suitable, are encouraged and will contribute to the acceptance decision.

Internation students must also submit an official transcript evaluation and TOEFL or IELTs scores.

See the Graduate School web pages for more information about admission requirements.

Time required

Students may have to complete a series of foundation courses in order to attain the appropriate background for study. Depending on the student's background, the foundation requirement varies from 0 to 18 credits.

This program is designed to meet the needs of working students who study on a part-time basis. The amount of time required to complete the degree will vary, depending on how many courses are taken each semester. All program requirements must be completed within seven years.

If the student satisfies the foundation prerequisites, the program is also suitable for full-time study. A full-time student who has satisfied the foundation prerequisites can complete the program in two years. A full-time student who has not satisfied all of the foundation prerequisites may need three years to complete the program.

An international student who must have full-time status and who enters the program without completion of the foundation courses may need to take additional courses that are not part of the program in order to maintain that status when beginning the program. In this case, we will assist the student to enroll in courses in other related areas, such as mathematics. These supplementary courses will not count towards the degree completion.

Program Requirements

For program requirements, see the 2018-2019 Hood College Catalog entry (opens in a new tab).

For program planning, use the MIS Program Planning Guide

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