Web Development Minor

The Web Development minor provides a substantial experience in site design and development for students who wish to develop or maintain websites in conjunction with their work in another discipline.

The minor provides students with skills in web site design, development, and maintenance for a variety of career goals. Many organizations expect employees to maintain web sites to communicate internal information. Technology and communication professionals are often expected to understand the process of building and maintaining a web site.

The courses are designed to provide increasing depth, culminating in a guided capstone. The capstone Web Development Practicum gives students the opportunity to put into practical use the knowledge gained through web minor coursework by building a working web site for an actual client.

Educational Goals

After completing the minor, students will use their Web development skills in their professional, personal, or volunteer lives, applying the basics of project planning and management as applied to web information system, to create and publish Web sites that are standards-compliant, accessible, and adaptable to different media.

Student Outcomes

Upon completing the Web Development minor, students will be able to:

  1. Create standards-compliant Web documents using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Web frameworks;
  2. Create and edit raster and vector graphics for use in Web documents;
  3. Evaluate and propose effective organization schemes, structures, and design features to enhance usability, accessibility, maintainability, privacy, and security of Web sites;
  4. Demonstrate understanding of the basic elements of project planning and management as applied to Web development; Develop, customize, publish, and maintain sites using a content management system.

Program Requirements

For program requirements, see the 2017-2018 Hood College Catalog entry (opens in a new tab).

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