IT 280 Intermediate Web Development

Catalog Description: 
Web standards and their applications; advanced techniques using HTML5 and CSS3; selected concepts and techniques from information technology and computer science that serve as a foundation for web development. Concepts will be explored through interpreted languages such as JavaScript and PHP.
IT 180 or permission of the instructor.
Second semester
Required or Elective: 
Required for the minor in Web Development
Elizabeth Chang
Current Textbook: 
  • HTML5: The Missing Manual, Second Edition by Matthew MacDonald. O'Reilly Publishers Missing Manual series.
  • CSS3: The Missing Manual, Third Edition by David Sawyer McFarland. O'Reilly Publishers Missing Manual series.
Topics covered: 
  • HTML Review, Validation
  • CSS: Selectors, Basic Box Model, Positioning
  • Lists and Navigation Menus
  • CSS Transforms, Transitions, and Animations
  • Page Layout Using CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • CSS Framwworks, Bootstrap
  • Dynamically generated web pages
  • UNIX Shell Scripting
  • Dynamically generated web pages
  • Introduction to PHP, Forms, Email, files
  • Creating site templates
  • HTML5 Canvas
  • JavaScript libraries, RGraph, fabric, jQuery UI
Student Learning Outcomes: 

On completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. independently pursue further learning in web development and information technology.
  2. write standards-compliant HTML and CSS
  3. create web documents that are usable in different media
  4. control page layout using CSS
  5. implement basic solutions using PHP and JavaScript
  6. create web documents that are both standards compliant and effective
  7. analyze and solve problems in Web development
  8. make effective use of information resources
  9. discuss selected issues related to web-based information tools, including ethical use, security, usability, accessibility and copyright.
  10. discuss the primary standards associated with web development
Relation of Course Outcomes to Program Outcomes: 
Role in Assessment: 
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