MATH 112 Applied Statistics

Catalog Description: 
Statistics with emphasis on applications. Topics covered include statistical measures, normal distribution, sampling theory, statistical inference, hypothesis testing and quality control, correlation, regression and analysis of variance. Students will use statistical software packages on the computer to explore topics in more depth.
MATH 098 or Level IB placement on the Basic Math Skills Inventory or permission of the instructor.
Both semesters - Offered by the Department of Mathematics
Required or Elective: 
MATH 112 or MATH 213 is required for the BS in Computer Science
Sara Malec
Current Textbook: 

Elementary Statistics by Robert R. Johnson and Patricia J. Kuby (Brooks/Cole, 11th Ed)

Topics covered: 
  • frequency distributions and their representations,
  • measures of central tendency and dispersion,
  • elementary probability,
  • statistical sampling theory,
  • testing hypotheses,
  • non-parametric methods,
  • linear regression,
  • correlation,
  • analysis of variance.
Student Learning Outcomes: 

On completing this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Understand and communicate with data;
  2. Produce and interpret data;
  3. Put data into a clear and usable form;
  4. Use mathematical tools and technology to experiment, explore relationships, and solve a variety of problems in statistics and probability;
  5. Solve problems using a variety of integrated strategies that model and analyze problems from real world situations;
  6. Understand and solve statistical problems in the language and context of other disciplines;
  7. Communicate mathematical ideas orally and in writing, using appropriate symbols.
Relation of Course Outcomes to Program Outcomes: 
Role in Assessment: 
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