Syllabus Components

Standard (Required) Syllabus Components

A syllabus is not just for the students and instructor, it is the primary archival record of what the course is about. As such it may be reviewed by other institutions if a student is requesting transfer credit.

Syllabi are also examined by accrediting teams. For that reason, they need to provide complete and accurate information about the course.

Syllabi for courses in the Computer Science & Information Technology Department should always include the following information. The instructor is free to provide additional information.

  • Course number, title, and term (semester)
  • Course description from the Catalog
    You may provide an additional “General description” if you wish to expand on the Catalog, but it is important to have the official Catalog statement.
  • Instructor name, office location, email, office phone, office hours, & other applicable contact information (web page, etc.)
  • Scheduling & school break info
  • If a hybrid or online course, describe the format.
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Student Learning Outcomes. Course Outcomes should
    • be expressed in terms of what the students will be able to do, not just what the course will cover
    • include Program Student Outcomes that are supported by the Course (List any Student Outcomes that are associated with the course)
  • Required and recommended textbooks, required readings, etc.
  • Required software or other materials if any
  • Requirements/Exams/Deliverables
  • General grading criteria
  • Outline of topics
  • Disability accommodations statement

Other items appropriate to the course (policies & guidelines, detailed schedule by date, etc.)

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