Purpose of Assessment

Our assessment process has two purposes:

  • To align our program objectives and outcomes with the changing needs of our constituencies.
  • To improve the quality and effectiveness of the programs in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Basis for Assessment - Definitions

 Program Educational Objectives – are broad statements that describe what graduates are expected to attain within a few years of graduation. Program educational objectives are based on the needs of the program’s constituencies.

 Student Outcomes – describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. These relate to the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that students acquire as they progress through the program.

 Performance indicators - identify specific actions the student should be able to perform to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes.

 Course Outcomes - are expected student outcomes for each course.

Assessment – is one or more processes that identify, collect, and prepare data to evaluate the attainment of student outcomes. Effective assessment uses relevant direct & indirect and quantitative & qualitative measures as appropriate to the outcome being measured. Appropriate sampling methods may be used as part of an assessment process.

Evaluation – is one or more processes for interpreting the data and evidence accumulated through assessment processes. Evaluation determines the extent to which student outcomes are being attained. Evaluation results in decisions and actions regarding program improvement.

Summative Assessment - validates competency of graduates by evaluating achievement of Student Outcomes. It is conducted near the end of the program.  The assessment normally occurs in a  high level course where the performance can be expected to be fully demonstrated.

Formative Assessment - identifies areas for improvement within the program. It is conducted early in the program to see if students are getting a good start.  It is also conducted to assess interim progress midway in the program. The assessment normally occurs in foundation courses where the concept/technique is introduced and in intermediate courses where the concept/technique is reinforced.

Undergraduate Assessment Committee - 2018-2019

  • Aijuan Dong (Coordinator, Core CS faculty)
  • George Dimitoglou (Department Chair, Core CS faculty)
  • Xinlian Liu (Core CS faculty)
  • Jiang Li  (Core CS Faculty)
  • Bill Pierce (Core CS faculty)

Graduate Assessment Committee - 2018-2019

  • Khalid Lateef (Coordinator)
  • George Dimitoglou (Department Chair, Cybersecurity Program Director)
  • Xinlian Liu (CS Program Director)
  • Ahmed Salem ( IT Program Director)
  • Michael Donohoe (MIS Program Director)


  • Current Students
  • Alumni
  • Regional employers, represented by Advisory Board



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