Cyber Blazers Team

Why and What

The increasing number of national and international cybersecurity student competitions reflects the intense and growing need to develop talent and practical skills in cybersecurity.

As members of the Cyber Blazers competition team, students apply their technical skills,  expertise, knowledge and ethics to solve problems and compete in cybersecurity competitions. The Cyber Blazers team meets regularly and practices in our Cybersesurity Lab. The team is open to undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in developing high level defensive and offensive cyber skills. Our team participates in various cybersecurity competitions, though students who join the team are not required to compete.

For new members, the team provides hands on training and tutorials to catch them up to speed with current topics.

Focus Areas:

  • System and Network Forensics
  • Linux Operating Systems
  • Penetration Testing
  • Scripting
  • Reverse Engineering/Exploitation
  • Cryptography


Team Roster

The 2017-2018 Team Members are

  • Abdullah Alhogbani    
  • Davon Hill   
  • Junyan Huang   
  • Jeffery Larson
  • Joseph Lyons
  • Abdul Wasay Mir   
  • Neha Prasad   
  • Kamal Rangavajhula   
  • Warren Scott
  • Ivo Tadic
  • Cory Watson   

Join Us!

Students interested in joining the Blazers Cyber team should contact the team coach, Dr. Carol Jim:  email

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