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Professor Stephen Penn Attends EMS 2015 Conference.

Professor Steve Penn attended a conference for graduates of Executive Doctoral programs, such the DBA and the DM. He also participated in developing and coordinating the conference program and panel discussions ( Besides being a forum for alumni to present their research, it serves as an exchange for people who are interested in applying the latest in theories in management science towards solving today's problems.

New Core Science Course CS 110 for Everyone

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We've added a new course for non majors to our curriculum. It was approved by the Curriculum Committee for the Scientific Inquiry Non-lab Science category of the core

The course is CS 110 Programming Art.

It will be offered this Spring, 2016 MoWe 5:00-6:15 PM in HT 113. Taught by professor William Crum.

Internships are a Great Way to Learn ...and Earn

"Betty Treworgy, Davon Hill, Judith Apshago"

Frederick is part of the Washington, DC, Technology area, so CS majors have many opportunities to gain experience, academic credit, and some income through internships. This past year, 14 different CS students had internships at 11 different sites.

Congratulations to Doctor Carol Jim!

On July 28, 2015, adjunct professor Carol Jim (BA ’06, MS ’10) successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Investigation of the Cell Labeling Procedure and the Appearance of Monozygotic Twins” at The George Washington University. Her research investigated the mechanism behind the origins of monozygotic multiple births by implementing proposed cell division labeling models in Python. The results of the models led to a prediction that monozygotic quadruplets are not all genetically identical but rather, are two pairs of monozygotic twins where the pairs slightly differ.

Student group begins summer Java seminar

Graduate student James Brannan, a veteran Java programmer, will lead the summer long group-study towards JAVA SE 7 certification. The first meeting took place on June 8, 2015.

Commencement 2015: Professor Gary Gillard recognized for service; 13 CS majors receive diplomas.

At the 2015 Hood Undergraduate commencement ceremony, Professor Gary Gillard, MS '90, was awarded the Presidential Service Award in recognition of his more than 20 years of service to the College.

Professor Chang receives Academic Innnovation grant

Professor Elizabeth Chang has received an Academic Innovation grant from the College to develop "Flipped Classroom" materials for Web Development classes. For her project, Professor Chang will create materials that will allow students to explore technical content before practicing it in class and to review it after class.

2015 Senior Project Presentations - Friday May 8

Thirteen Class of 2015 CS majors present their Senior Projects on Friday, May 8, at 4:00 PM in Hodson Tech 131. These presentations are the culmination of a year of work. The six projects cover a variety of topics and techniques. Fellow Students, faculty, friends, and families are all invited.

Student Builds Home Brew Supercomputer

When Andrew Broadhurst found the lab computers were not quite to his like in terms of power and architecture when simulating the dispersion of volcano ejections, he built one himself. The finished computer is equipped with one NVIDIA GT 730 GUP and two Intel Xeno Phi 31S1P coprocessor cards. It enables a combined peak performance of 3TFLOPS under a hybrid programming model.

CS Advisory Board Meeting

The Computer Science Programs Advisory Board met on April 3, 2015. Twenty-six members representing local industry, government, education, and current students met with the computer science faculty and the Dean of the Graduate School. Board members were updated on the ABET accreditation application process and status and reviewed undergraduate and graduate program education objectives (PEOs). Graduate students Danny Watson and James Brannon presented their research projects in computational informatics and data mining.


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