2015 Senior Project Presentations - Friday May 8

Thirteen Class of 2015 Computer Science majors present their Senior Projects on Friday, May 8, at 4:00 PM in Hodson Tech 131. The event will also honor Prof Gary Gillard. These presentations are the culmination of a year of work. The six projects cover a variety of topics and techniques. Fellow Students, faculty, friends, and families are all invited.
  • Fawzya Alghamdi, David Ford, Tyler Martin
    "Mining and Visualization of Political Violence Data in Africa"
  • Brandon J. Kirby, Robert L. Staples
    "SUMO Mapmaker Add-on and Simulation Validation"
  • Joshua J. Greer, Michael A. Mastantuono, Harryson Tun
    "Cloudbase: A web enabled application for the management of aircraft flight records"
  • Alexander J. Bodine, Jonathan M. Collier
    "AQUA: Aquatics Web Scheduling & Registration System"
  • Joshua Shelley, Joshua Tokar
    "Academic Assessment Data Management System"
  • James M. Blaney Jr
    "Submersible Temperature Logger"
The project abstracts are provided on the Senior Projects Showcase Page.
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