Internships are a Great Way to Learn ...and Earn

"Betty Treworgy, Davon Hill, Judith Apshago"

Frederick is part of the Washington, DC, Technology area, so CS majors have many opportunities to gain experience, academic credit, and some income through internships. This past year, 14 different CS students had internships at 11 different sites.

They were James Blaney (B.S. '15) Environmental Systems research Institute, Inc. (ESRI); Alex Bodine (B.S. '15) U.S. Silica; Shane Edmiston (B.S. '15) Frederick County Government IIT; David Ford (B.S. '15) Data Management Services, Inc.; Joshua Greer (B.S. '15) United Way of Frederick County; Rachel Hall (B.S. '17) NSA, Department of Defense; Devin Hill (B.S. '16) Ryan and Wetmore, P.C.; Davon Hill (B.S. '16) U.S. Silica; Tarang Hirani (B.S. '15) NIST; Justin Kunkel (B.S. '16) U.S. Silica; James Pool (B.S. '14) Digital Receiver Technology, Inc.; Joshua Tokar (B.S. '15) CRW One GRoup, LLC; Robert Staples (B.S. '15) NIST; Michael Yura (B.S. '15) Excivity, Inc.

Pictured at U.S. Silica: Senior Davon HIll (B.S. 16) with Betty Treworgy, IT Service Manager and Judith Lubkin Apshago (B.A. '93), CIO

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