Musical Computing

Video by the instructor, Dr. Rick Roth

In summer, 2016, graduate CS students learned to program in Chuck, a concurrent audio programming language. They produced an electronic music concert for the grand finale of the course. Dr. Rick Roth, the instructor, created this video about the musical computing concepts, showcasing the students' work.  He will be back for an encore this summer.

This class, CS 599G Musical Computing, is scheduled again this year, in the Summer I term. It meets TR 6:00 to 6:10. from May 22 through July 02.

This year there will be a follow-up class in Summer II, CS 599I Sound and Music with Embedded System Programming. It will meet MW 6:00 to 9:10 from July 03 through August 13.

An undergraduate version of this class, CS 112 Introduction to Computer Music, is scheduled in Fall 2017 for students in any major who love the arts of coding or music

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