Corcoran & Zamora intern at Berkeley.

Tom Corcoran and Raf Zamora toured 'Cori', the fifth most powerful supercomputer in the world, which they used while working on an internship at Berkeley Lab.

MSCS Alum shares career success

Yashraj Sinha is a recent alumnus of Hood’s Masters in Computer Science program. An international student from India, Yashraj completed an internship with Cisco Inc. last summer, an experience which he credits as being instrumental in landing a fulltime position after graduation. The Graduate School caught up with Yashraj and he shared the highlights of his Hood experience.

How would you describe your time at Hood and in Frederick in general?
It has been one of my best experiences in life so far. Coming to Hood was the first time I traveled outside my country. I also experienced snow for the first time in Frederick.

The full text of their chat is continued in the article.

CS & IT Graduate students featured in video

 CS & IT students featured in video

Departmental graduate students Okuneye Oluwadamilola (MS in IT), Minghua Liu (MS in CS) and Samjhana Basnet (MS in IT) were featured in an informational video developed by the Hood Graduate School. They describe their experiences as international students at the Graduate School at Hood College.

Musical Computing

Video by the instructor, Dr. Rick Roth

Musical Computing

In summer, 2016, CS graduate students learned to program in Chuck, a concurrent audio programming language. They produced an electronic music concert for the grand finale of the course. Dr. Rick Roth, the instructor, created this video about the musical computing concepts, showcasing the students' work.  He will be back for an encore this summer.

See the full article for scheduling information.

Data Visualization - Thursday 02/16 at noon

Join CS Club this Week as it presents "Data Visualization" with Randy Smith. Are you curious about the ways people use data to make graphics? Curious about what these maps are about? Do you want to learn more about valuable tools for analysts? Join us in the Computer Science& IT suite, HT 226, on Thursday, February 16 from 1-2 PM to hear Randy Smith talk about his work in data visualization and design.

Graduate Student Photo Contest

We invited graduate students to submit photos of their home towns, whether from Maryland or Iceland, Virginia or Nigeria. Our students come from some stunningly beautiful places around the world.

For a look at all of their photos, visit the Photocontest page.

Graduate Open House Classroom Visits

Four graduate level evening classes will participate in the Open House house event of the Hood Graduate School on Tuesday March 21, 2017.

  • CS 498/598G Embedded System Programming, Professor Chiang, room HT 236, 6:25-8:55pm
  • CS 520 Algorithms, Professor Boon, room  HT 114, 6:25-8:55pm
  • CS 512 Elements of Computer Programming, Professor Lateef, room HT 113, 6:25-8:55pm
  • IT 581 Elements of Web Development, Professor Chang, HT 308G, 6:25-8:55pm

Prospective students and interested community members are invited to sit in the classroom and enjoy a rich learning environment.

See the full article for more information.

Computer Science Club Meets

The Computer Science Club held its first meeting of the year on Thursday, February 2 in the CS Suite. The theme was "The Modern World of DOS".

New Graduate Students Welcomed

Despite the chilly climate—in more ways than one—the computer science and information technology programs welcomed another big incoming class of graduate students from around the globe. 32 new students registered for classes in the CS, IT, MIT, and Cybersecurity programs.

Fourteen students participated in the new student orientation on Wednesday Jan 11, 2017, where they were greeted by Professor Ahmed Salem.

Graduate Student Week

Most of the department faculty participated in Graduate Student Week, sponsored by the Graduate School, to give graduate students a boost during Exam Week. We greeted the students as they entered the main academic buildings and handed out snacks and goodies as they rushed off to exams.


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