Hood Weather Station 2.0 goes live on the Internet

Check out up-to-the-minute Hood weather right on the spot. And check the parking situation in Whitaker lot too!

Changes to undergraduate course numbers

We have changed the numbers on several of the undergraduate CS courses. The changes will take effect with the spring semester, 2014, schedule. The courses themselves have not changed, only the numbers. This change will not affect the courses that you take or that are required for your program. The Courses page has a complete list of the changes.

Adjunct Faculty Positions

The Department of Computer Science at Hood College regularly seeks adjunct faculty in selected areas of computer science and information technology. These are part-time, temporary appointments to teach single courses. The specific courses are dependent on the class offerings each term. Areas of interest include software testing, applied database systems, computer security, IT management, information systems and engineering, and computer networks.


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