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Faculty and stundets in the CS offices

A tragic loss: Swati Gambhir, 1978-2010

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On Tuesday, May 25, 2010 we learned we had lost a gifted student, colleague, and friend, Swati Manohar Gambhir. We were further saddened to learn that her husband, Sunil Laxman Shinde was also killed in the automobile accident in southern Wisconsin that took Swati's life. They were returning home to Wisconsin after she received her Master's degree in Management of Information Technology on Saturday.

Swati came to Hood in the Fall of 2008 after receiving a a BBA from Karnatak University and a graduate Diploma from Madras University. She distinguished herself among her peers as a bright, hardworking, disciplined and highly motivated student. She was always smiling and very enthusiastic about learning. After the graduation ceremony, she was joyful and looked forward to finding work in Information Technology to apply what she had studied at Hood.

This is a tragic loss for Hood's Computer Science community. When a promising life is cut short the cause may be obvious but the reason is never clear. Moments like this remind us of the value of each member of our community and of how we are diminished when someone passes away. On behalf of the faculty, students and staff of the department, our sympathies, thoughts, and prayers go out to Swati's and Sunil's families, whose loss is even greater.

We remember Swati's enthusiasm. We remember Swati's smile. Swati will not be forgotten.

Carol Jim (MS CS '10) named the Computer Science Departmental Scholar for 2009-2010.

Carol Maggie Jim (MS CS '10) was named the Computer Science Departmental Scholar for 2009-2010. The award is the highest honor recognizing research achievement by graduating students in all three Masters programs (CS, IT and MIT) hosted by the Department.

Carol successfully defended her thesis 'Automatic Log File Analysis in Network Forensics Using Knowledge Flow Paradigms' on Thursday May 13th, 2010. As a result of her research, she has three research papers accepted by international conferences. She is also the first female student to receive the award.

For a complete list of current and previous recipients of departmental prizes and awards, see the Student Prizes and Awards page.

Seven students to present their Senior Projects.

Seniors Jeff Balinsky, Nick Burdette, Adam Gilbert, Lola Kilo, Carlin Rabie, Sam Stansfield, and Marcus Thomas will present their Senior Projects at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 14, in Hodson Tech room 131. There will be light refreshments.

For more information about the projects, see the Projects Showcase page.

New Summer Course in Bioinformatics

A new special topics course, CS599F Introduction to BioComputing, will be offered in Summer II (July 4 - August 8). Dr. Ravichandran Sarangan will cover several critical areas of computational biology. Popular bioinformatics and molecular modeling tools will be introduced to help students gain deeper understanding of structure and function relationships. Ample time will be allotted to hands-on sessions for students to get used to these tools.

The Department will offer an algorithmic course in bioinformatics in the Fall, and likely add a specialized programming course in this area by next summer. We are excited about the opportunities presented by this set of new courses for our students looking forward to a career in bioindustry.

Faculty & Students Receive SRI Awards

Professors Aijuan Dong and Xinlian Liu have each been awarded a Summer Research Institute (SRI) grant to conduct research in collaboration with students this summer.

Professor Dong and Senad Sinanovic will study "Automatic Detection and Classification of Masses in Mammography." They will first conduct a comparative study of popular approaches for the characterization and detection of mass lesions in the breast. Then, they will propose a novel multi-scale and multi-resolution strategy for image preprocessing and texture feature extraction. They will also investigate and fine-tune two commonly used data mining algorithms so that they perform well with a large number of both correlated and irrelevant features. The project will contribute to the continuous improvement of early tumor detection using mammography, benefit our students with medical image analysis skills, and promote interdisciplinary learning. In addition, the experience gathered from this project will benefit the development of new special topics course in the Hood College Computer Science Department, Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision.

Professor Liu and Nathan Jacobson will work on "Developing a GPU-Based Programming Toolkit" for GPU-based bio-computing. Unlike a CPU, a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) is equipped with multiple vector pipelines, which makes it a promising venue in communication intensive data processing. Liu and Jacobson propose to develop a toolkit which will facilitate porting traditional utilities to GPU oriented computing platforms.

New Certificate Program in Information Security

The College has been authorized by the State to offer a Certificate in Information Security as part of its graduate programs in Computer Science and Information Technology. Information technology and systems are a critical part of our individual, corporate and national infrastructure. The Certificate in Information Security is the first step in developing a cadre of skilled information security specialists and astute information security managers. This certificate program is designed to be further integrated into additional graduate study toward the Master of Science in Information Technology or the Master of Science in Computer Science.

For complete program and admissions requirements , see the Information Security Certificate program page.

See the program FAQ for answers to some commonly asked questions.

Graduate Students have their own Facebook Page

Hood College Computer Science graduate students have set their own Facebook page so they can network and share ideas. It is at The page is also linked from the Students page

Facebook has become one of the most popular Social Networking sites available on the Web. Its ability to allow people to easily connect as well as come together through common group settings makes it an ideal off-the-shelf package for Graduate Students to collaborate on various topics.

We hope that this group will become a useful tool for Graduate Students to ask questions as well as post comments or concerns regarding current events within the Department. Mike Naylor has already posted some topics and comments based on a Town Hall meeting held by Dr. Liu. Please feel free to share this with everyone and encourage them to use the resource or comment on how it can be utilized to be as effective as possible.

Computer Science Club Field Trip to NIST

The Computer Science Club and the Department of Computer Science invited Hood students to join us for a field trip to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD on Tuesday October 27, 2009.

The field trip included visits and special group tours to the:

and lectures on:

Dimitoglou, Robotics Team receieve International Award, National Recognition

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In May, the Hood Robotics team participated in the international Manufacturing Competition Challenge of the International Conference on Robotics and Automation held in Japan. The Hood team - George Henson (M.S. Computer Science, '09) and Dr. George Dimitoglou - deployed algorithms for autonomous robotic navigation and traffic management. The Hood team ranked highly in all challenge events and received the "Kobe City Mayor's Award" for Outstanding Performance.

The team was invited to participate in the international competition ar a result of their performance in the national Virtual Manufacturing Automation Competition (VMAC '09: March 25-26, 2009), where they shared the top position with the team from the University of California Merced The teams competed in events such as autonomous navigation, task completion and traffic management. Third in the rankings was the Colorado School of Mines.

Also in May, in May, our 2008 robotics team - George Henson (MS CS '09, Michael Maynard (MS CS '08) and Professor George Dinitoglou - received awards at the IEEE Annual Awards Banquet for First Place at the 2008 Virtual Manufacturing Automation Competition. Professor Dinitoglou was also recognized with a Faculty Advisor Award for 2008-09 by the IEEE National Capital Area Section.

Professor Liu, students receive Graduate School awards

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At the Graduate School reception, held on May 13, Professor Xinlian Liu received the Graduate School Teaching Excellence award. this year's recipient of the Teaching Excellence Award for graduate teaching. The selection committee, which comprised faculty, a Board of Associates member, and Graduate School Advisoory Council members, reviewed full-time faculty who were nominated by graduate students. Also at the reception, Graduate student Edward Chwalik was recognized as the outstanding student in the M.S. in Computer Science program and and Gary Corsar as the outstanding student in the M.S. in Information Technology.

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Class of 2009 Seniors present projects

Four seniors, Earl Davis, Ryan Eaton, Kristopher Reese, and Eric Walton, presented their Senior Projects on Friday, May 1. Kyle Huyser presented his Senior Honors project on Friday, April 17th.

Senior Projects: Presentations on Friday, May 1

Earl Davis (BS '09)
"Simulation and Analysis of Congestion and Traffic Control in Greedy Networks"
Advisors: Dr. G. Dimitoglou, Dr. A. H. Salem
Ryan Eaton (BS '09)
"The Nintendo Wii and its Application Towards The Interactive Classroom"
Advisor: Dr. A. H. Salem
Kristopher Reese (BS '09)
"Gaming Concepts in Accessible HCI for bare-hand Computer Interaction"
Advisors: Dr. A. H. Salem, Dr. G. Dimitoglou
Eric Walton (BS '09)
"The Harold Weisberg Archive — Digital Collection"
Advisor: Dr. G. Dimitoglou

Senior Honors Project: Presentation on Friday, April 17

Kyle Huyser (BS '09)
"superBlazer: Building Hood's First Supercomputer"
Advisor: Dr. G. Dimitoglou

Adjunct Faculty Positions

The Department of Computer Science at Hood College regularly seeks adjunct faculty in selected areas. These are part-time, temporary appointments to teach single courses. The specific courses are dependent on the class offerings each term. Areas of interest include computer security, database systems, information technology, e-commerce, and computer networks.

Applicants should hold a masters degree in computer science or a doctorate in computer science or related field. Send a letter of inquiry and curriculum vitae, indicating your potential teaching areas and professional experience, to Elizabeth B. Chang, Chairperson, Department of Computer Science, Hood College, 401 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701 (or email We especially welcome applications from women and members of minority groups.