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Presenting the results of the IEEE/NIST Robotics Competition

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News & Events

Burger, Reese, Liu to participate in Summer Research Institute.

Brandon Burger (BS CS '09) and Kris Reese (BS CS '09) will participate in Hood's Summer Research Institute (SRI), working with Professor Xinlian Liu. Their project is titled "Simulations of Coordinated Robot Activities in a Dynamic World." The SRI is supported by a grant from Invitrogen Corporation

Maynard to present paper.

Michael Maynard (MS CS, '08) will be presenting his research on "A Service Oriented Architecture Complexity Metric, Based on Statistical Hypothesis Testing" at The 2008 International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice in Las Vegas, NV.

Undergraduate students selected for for fellowships, internships, and other programs.

Eric Walton (BS CS '09) has received a National Institute of Standards and Technology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) in Gaithersburg, MD. Eric will be with the Manufacturing Engineering laboratory.

Aubrey Patsika (BS CS '08) has been accepted to the Computational Science Workshop for Underrepresented Groups to be held by the University of Southern California in May. Professor Xinlian Liu will be his faculty mentor. At the workshop, participants build a parallel computer from components and then use it to perform a number of parallel computing exercises. Invited experts make presentations on emerging opportunities for research and education in computational sciences. Student participants receive full support for travel and expenses.

Olabusayo Kilo (BS CS '10)has been accepted for a Department of Defense Joint Educational Opportunities for Minorities (JEOM) Summer Internship. The program offers an opportunity to work with seasoned and well-respected scientists and engineers located at Department of Defense laboratories and test centers across the country. Lola will be doing her internsip at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Kyle Huyser (BS CS, '09) has been selected for a summer internship at Invitrogen Corp. in Frederick MD.

Hood CS Robotics Team Wins Competition, Going to CA!

Gaithersburg, MD, April 18. The Hood Computer Science Robotics team won the IEEE/NIST Robotics Simulation Competition. There is an article about the competition in the July-August issue of the IEEE National Capital Area Scanner.

The competition was based on simulating the operation of an autonomous vehicle in a factory environment performing two tasks: robot navigation and docking (parallel parking next to a conveyor belt). The navigation challenges required robots to follow serpentine paths and were judged on their speed and accuracy of completing the course. The docking challenges required robots to operate in progressively smaller rooms to make maneuvering difficult, with the ultimate goal of approaching and docking next to a pre-defined area in front of a docking station.

The Hood team has been working on this challenge since last October. Other teams participating in this IEEE/NIST supported program were from George Mason University, University of Maryland-Eastern Shore, The George Washington University, Towson University and Morgan State University.

The Hood team performed all path navigation challenges successfully with great accuracy and speed. Hood's team also managed to perform all the docking challenges as well. In a competition of this kind, it's typical that teams only partially complete the challenges so rankings are based on the degree of completion. The competition organizers were pleasantly surprised when the Hood team managed to dock the robot in the smallest possible room setting and they enthusiastically admitted they did not expect any team to be even partially successful in this hardest category.

View video.

Besides winning, the organizers offered to execute the Hood algorithms on a real unit loader robot in the NIST machine shop. The results were truly spectacular! Running the code on the actual robot was not part of the plan, and when the actual robot 'docked' at the designated location, applause exploded in the shop.

The Hood team has been invited to demonstrate its algorithms at the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation to be held this May in Pasadena, California.

We will have photos and videos posted soon.

When you see them, please congratulate the Hood Computer Science Robotics team:

Their performance and dedication made all of us proud and their solutions earned praise by everyone involved in the competition.

Reported by the team coaches,
George Dimitoglou
Xinlian Liu

MS in Computer Science core requirements changed

The core requirements for the Master of Science in Computer Science program are changing. Students entering the program after Summer, 2008, must complete or exempt the new requirements. Students who are already in the program may switch to the new requirements or stay with the old ones. or complete some combination of both in consultation with their academic adviser.

The new core comprises five core requirements, one less than the current requirements. The reduction will make schedule planning more flexible for graduate students while ensuring that they have suitable breadth in their program as well as the depth provided by additional elective courses. Most of the courses included in the revised core were required in the current one.

New MS in CS Core requirement

Students entering the program after the summer of 2008 will follow the new program core. If you are a current student, you have two options:

Whichever you choose, you should consult with your academic adviser to ensure that you will meet the degree requirement.

MS in CIS foundation requirements changed

The foundation course requirements for the Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences with Concentration in Information Technology Program are changing. Students entering the program after Summer, 2008, must complete or exempt the new requirements. Students who are already in the program may switch to the new requirements or stay with the old ones. or complete some combination of both in consultation with their academic adviser.

The new foundation provides students in Information Technology with a broad overview of selected topics from computer science and basic programming skills rather than in-depth computer organization knowledge and advanced programming skills.

To achieve this, students will take:

Learn more about how the change affects current students

Free MATLAB Workshop - Friday, Nov 16.

The Computer Science Club in collaboration with the Least Squares (Math Club) is offering a free half-day workshop/tutorial on MATLAB. It will provide applied, practical, hands-on experience on MATLAB functionality. There will be no theory or proofs. No prior experience with MATLAB is needed. More information and registration form.

Hood to host CCSC 2008 Eastern Conference

Hood's computer science department will host the 2008 Eastern Conference of the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges. The Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges is a non-profit organization focused on promoting quality computer-oriented curricula as well as effective use of computing in smaller institutions of higher learning which are typically non-research in orientation. For more information, see the Conference Web Site

Professors Dimitoglou and Liu accepted for IEEE program

Faculty members Dr. George Dimitoglou and Dr. Xinlian Liu have been accepted to participate in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society's New Initiatives Competition. They will attend a two-day workshop at NIST in October on virtual robot competitions using USARSim (a high fidelity robot simulator) and plan to build a student team to participate in future competitions.

Minneapolis Conference doubly memorable for Professor Liu

Dr. Xinlian Liu attended a workshop "Classic and Quantum Approach in Molecular Simulations" held by the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) of University of Minnesota in the summer. Having worked on the applied side of MD simulations for years, Dr. Liu found the workshop an excellent opportunity to examine theories and conjectures that computation methods have been built upon.

The workshop will surely be part of a lasting memory for Dr. Liu for he reported on August 2, 2007 "I was jogging along the SE University Ave towards downtown Minneapolis this afternoon after classes. The I-35W bridge across the Mississippi River literally gave way right in front of my eyes, in one sense right under my feet."

CS Students earn awards at 2006-07 Honors Convocation

At the 2006-07 Honors Convocation Ceremony, Computer Science students earned recognition both in Computer Science and in other fields.

Adjunct Faculty Positions

The Department of Computer Science at Hood College regularly seeks adjunct faculty in selected areas. These are part-time, temporary appointments to teach single courses. The specific courses are dependent on the class offerings each term. Areas of interest include computer security, database systems, information technology, e-commerce, and computer networks.

Applicants should hold a masters degree in computer science or a doctorate in computer science or related field. Send a letter of inquiry and curriculum vitae, indicating your potential teaching areas and professional experience, to Elizabeth B. Chang, Chairperson, Department of Computer Science, Hood College, 401 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701 (or email We especially welcome applications from women and members of minority groups.