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News & Events

Blue gets bronze

Hood's Blue and Grey programming teams have been training hard this year, and all their work is paying off. On April 16, in a competition hosted at Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA., both teams placed ahead of the majority of theie opponents. The Blue team captured third place, and the #cccccc team came in fifth. Colleges throughout Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland participated in the competition.

The third place team consisted of freshman David Conway, junior Kathryn Linehan, and sophomore Cory Petosky. As prizes, they received gift certificates and a plaque. The fifth place team consisted of seniors Sharon Cramer and Qin Zhang and sophomore Jason Ruvinsky.

Petosky, president of ACM@Hood, the student computer science club, noted that strategy is a critical component of success because the team members must share a computer while solving multiple problems within a strict time limit.

"The students did very well," said Dr. Masato Kimura, the coach for both programming teams. "The third place finish was particularly impressive; it was the first time that the three students had competed together as a team. We look forward to doing even better next year."

JETT Workshop a success

Prof Mas Kimmura lectures on typecastsOn Saturday, February 25, the Department of Computer Science and ACM@hood, the student computer sscience organization, held a successful Java Engagement for Teacher Training (JETT) Workshop. The event was co-sponsored by the national ACM. Eleven teacher participants came from as far away as Wilmington, Delaware. The topics covered in the workshop ranged from basic to advanced concepts, covering both AP-A and AP-AB areas of material.

Sessions were led by professors Mas Kimura and George Dimitoglou, senior Sharon Cramer, and graduate students Rebecca Keller and Jim Handwerk. Sophomore Cory Petosky and technical coordinator Atsuko Crum provided technical support and assistance for hands-on exercises. The participants commented positively on the sessions, the facilities, and the dining services.

Dr. Frey speaks to capacity crowd

Dr. Frey's presentationHodson 131 was filled to capcacity for Dr. Herb Frey's talk on "Exploring Mars: A Planet More Than the Moon, Less Than the Earth." The audience of faculty, students, staff, and the larger Frederick community listened intently and engaged in discussion.(Click on images for larger view.)

Dr. Frey's presentation

Dr. Herb Frey to speak on Mars Exploration"

Dr. Frey is the Head of the Geodynamics Branch at the Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He is also the Co-Investigator on the Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter currently on its way to Mars as part of the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) ( The talk will be presented in Hodson Technology Center room 131 on Wednesday, February 9, at 7:00pm. It is part of the Hodson Science and Technology Seminar Series.

ACM@Hood to host Java Engagement for Teacher Training (JETT) Workshop

The workshop will be presented on February 26th, in collaboration with the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). JETT workshops are intended to help high school teachers get started with computer science in Java, or to help experienced computer science teachers make the transition from C++ to Java. The workshop will include face-to-face learning sessions, hands-on exercises and discussion. Topics will (tentatively) include: How to get started, Java applications and applets, Getting a grasp on Objects, From C++ to Java and Object-Oriented Programming For more information, see the workshop page on the ACM@Hood web site

ACM@Hood, has a new web site.

ACM@Hood, Hood's student computer science organization, has set up a new web site at The group is planning a number of events for the spring semester, including an organizational meeting (free pizza!), a workshop for teachers, and a robot building project. See the web site for more information about these and future activities.

Employment outlook good for graduates.

Although there have been declines in technology employment in the nation, prospects in the Washington, DC, region remain strong. There's an article on the new Career Information page that discusses the situation further.

Blue and Gray teams compete in ACM Mid-Atlantic Region Programming Contest.

Hood College sent two programming teams to the ACM programming contest on Saturday, November 13. The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest is an activity of the Association for Computing Machinery that provides college students with an opportunity to demonstrate and sharpen their problem-solving and computing skills.

The regional contest spans the entire Mid-Atlantic area, and was held at 9 contest sites. The Hood teams competed at Marymount University in Washington, DC. There are no divisions by type or size of institution; teams from all sizes of schools, from Hood to Hopkins, compete against each other. At the Marymount site, Hood competed against teams from George Mason University, George Washington University, American Univerity, Howard University, Marymount University, and the College of Southern Maryland.

The Blue Team (Sharon Cramer, Cory Petosky, Qin Zhang) ranked 6th out of 18 teams at Marymount. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, they ranked 44 out of 161 teams. The Grey Team (David Conway, Kathryn Linehan, Jason Ruvinsky) ranked 11th out of 18 teams at the site. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, they ranked 95 out of 161 teams.

So if you see any of the above students, congratulate them!"

Blue and Gray programming teams compete at Loyola and Shippensburg.

This year there are two programming teams training and competing under the direction of Professor Mas Kimura. The Blue Team consists of seniors Sharon Cramer and Qin Zhang, and sophomore Cory Petosky. Sharon and Qin are back for their second year of competition. The Gray Team members are junior Kathryn Linehan and freshmen David Conway and Jason Ruvinsky. Both teams competed agaist 15 other teams at the CCSC 2004 Competition, held at Loyola College in Baltimore on Saturday, October 16. The Blues finished eighth and the Grays finished fourth, a great showing for both of them. On Tuesday, October 26, the Blue team competed at Shippensburg College finished second. Team members report that the biggest challenge is not the programming, but planning strategy - each team's three programmers have to share one computer.

New Master's degree in computer science approved by State.

The department is now offering a Master of Science in Computer Science program, approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). This program will replace the M.S. in C.I S. with Computer Science Concentration. It includes specialty tracks in Artificial Intelligence and Networks & distributed Computing, as well as an indivualized option. See the programs page for more information about the program.

Adjunct Faculty Positions.

The Department of Computer Science at Hood College seeks adjunct faculty in selected areas. These are part-time, temporary appointments to teach single courses. The specific courses are dependent on the class offerings each term. Areas of interest include computer security, database systems, information technology, e-commerce, and computer networks. We have a specific need for faculty to teach the following courses:

Applicants should hold a masters degree in computer science or a doctorate in computer science or related field. Send a letter of inquiry and curriculum vitae, indicating your potential teaching areas and professional experience, to Paul J. Gowen, Chairperson, Department of Computer Science, Hood College, 401 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701 (or email We especially welcome applications from women and members of minority groups.