FBI internship, apply by Dec 1 2014

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FBI internship, apply by Dec 1 2014

Forwarding from Rich Lay (richard.lay@ic.fbi.gov) of the FBI.

Please reply directly to Rich, and please feel free to
forward to anyone who may be interested and appropriate.



FBI Cyber Internship Program
Applications due Mon Dec 1 2014


Hi all, and sorry for the short deadline of Dec 1 - I just
learned of this myself.

See the attached pdf for more detail.

Could you please forward to your students? If you're not the right
contact (I know some of you are not), could you please forward to
the appropriate department at your institution? The FBI does not
have these Cyber-specific internships every year.

This is a good opportunity to work directly with the Cyber squad
on technical projects.

One of our Cyber interns from a couple of summers ago now works
full-time for the FBI as a computer forensics examiner.

I know there are a number of good students at your institutions -
I've met many of them at your outreach events.

Hopefully, some of them will apply!

Thanks again!



No organization in the world will apply your cyber expertise like
the FBI.

Today's FBI is dedicated to preventing and investigating the most
sophisticated computer threats around the globe.

Your skills may thwart illegal cyber activities that incite
violent attacks, advance crime, target national security, aid
terrorism, and threaten the nation's critical infrastructures.

Discover why now, more than ever, an FBI cyber career is for you.

Application opens November 17 - December 1, 2014

Join the FBI's Cyber Internship Program and Be the Best at
What You Do.


FBI Mission ...

The mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States
against terrorist threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws
of the United States, and to provide leadership and criminal
justice services to federal, state, municipal, and international
agencies and partners.

FBI Internship Program Overview ...

Each summer, a special group of outstanding Undergraduate and
Graduate students are selected to participate in the FBI Honors
Internship Program.

As an intern you will experience an exciting 'insider's view' of
FBI operations and have the opportunity to gain professional
experience that is unique, valuable, and marketable.

Cyber Internship Program Qualifications ...

Those students who are selected to the Cyber Internship Program
must be:

* Enrolled full-time in a accredited school or university

* Currently a college sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student

* Have a 3.0 GPA or higher at the time of application and must be
maintained throughout the duration of the program

Preferred Degrees include, but are not limited to: computer
science, computer forensics, cyber investigations, information
assurance, information technology, ethical hacking, cyber
security, computer engineering, electrical engineering, network
administration, and mathematics.

Cyber Internship Program Experience ...

* Work side-by-side with Special Agents and Professional Staff
personnel on important cases and management issues

* Obtain a Top Secret Security Clearance

* Summer internships are approximately 10 weeks, usually beginning
early in June and ending in mid-August

* At the end of the summer students may be offered the
opportunity to continue the internship throughout the school year
at an office nearest their school

* 10-Week Paid Internship in local Field Offices in the Northeast,
Southeast, North Central, South Central, Northwest, Southwest, the
Washington, DC metropolitan area as well as Virginia and other
off-site locations.

For more information and to apply, visit:


All FBI employees must be U.S. citizens and must consent to a
complete FBI background investigation, drug test, and polygraph
as a prerequisite for employment and to receive an FBI Top Secret
Security Clearance.

The FBI is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce
diversity and inclusion.

If you'd prefer not to receive announcements from hneeman@ou.edu,
please send e-mail to hneeman@ou.edu requesting to be removed.

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