Employment opportunities for Hood CS graduates

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Employment opportunities for Hood CS graduates

Message from Nolan Cunningham

I work at Andrews Federal Credit Union in Suitland, MD. My partner and I are specialized in the proprietary language used by our processing core. We would like to expand our programming possibilities with a .NET developer but have had a surprisingly troublesome time finding one. We recently participated in a job fair at a school in PG County and had little response. I live in Frederick so I thought next of my local 4-year college; Hood.

Please see the position description here. I can offer a super short summary. Our desire is to improve our membership's experience through improved electronic services. Ultimately, it comes down to reading, manipulating, and (often overlooked) presenting data. We also want someone who will be active in the creative process, not just some code monkey hiding in a cubicle.

I believe this could be an excellent opportunity for a motivated individual looking to get a start in the profession. Is there a process or protocol by which a prospective employer may get their message to your Computer Science students or recent graduates? Granted, May/June is likely a better time frame from a school's perspective but we can't help that. I could arrange to speak with someone should they have questions.

I thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Nolan Cunningham

Office | 301.702.5453
Mobile | 202.579.1135
Email | ncunning@andrewsfcu.org


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