Programmers for Navy contractors

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Programmers for Navy contractors
I work for J.F. Taylor Inc. (, a 350 employee defense contractor out of Lexington Park MD. The company is privately owned and is geared largely toward providing engineering services to the United States Navy. We are currently looking to fill several software programming positions and would be interested in reaching out to any qualified graduating seniors in your program. These positions relate to modeling and simulation for both aircraft flight simulation or battlefield simulation. We would greatly appreciate any help you or other staff members may be able to provide in passing along this information to eligible candidates. If I can provide more information than is on our website please contact me. Interested students can contact me with resumes and questions or reply directly to with resumes. Since we work for the U.S. Navy, all candidates must be U.S. citizens and be able to get a security clearance. Thank you for your consideration. V/R, Steve Retzlaff Sr. Software Engineer J.F. Taylor Inc. Manned Flight Simulator (301)757-0861
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