Why Study CS at Hood?

It's the beginning of your future.

When you were born the Web was just beginning to merit the "World Wide" in its name; only about 70 million people used the Internet worldwide. Not long before, Newsweek magazine headlined: "The Internet? Bah! Hype alert: Why cyberspace isn't, and will never be, nirvana."

Google was just getting started and iTunes didn't exist yet nor did Facebook or Twitter.

Today more than 3 billion people around the world use the Internet, about half of the earth's population.

If all that computing-driven change took place in less than two decades, try to imagine what life will be like in another 20 years. And imagine being a part of creating it. That's computing.

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  • Our flexible curriculum allows you to select coursework to meet your needs while preparing you for careers in many areas of computer science.
  • Internships and special projects opportunities allow you to gain real-world experience before graduation.
  • No matter what CS or IT program you enter, graduate or undergraduate, you will have an academic advisor from the department faculty.

Recently several articles of mine were published. I think that Hood College's high standard of academics has pushed me to achieve more than I thought was possible.

Abdulaziz Aljabre, MS '12

Computer Science is not just about programming. It is in-depth study of computing concepts and applications, involving both hardware and software, to advance the development of all disciplines imaginable. This is what makes computer science such an exciting field!

Just a few of the fields where computing is used are:

  • Gaming and animation
  • Communication, mobile devices, data networks, the Web
  • Medicine, computer-assisted surgery, prosthetics, medical imaging
  • Art, digital art, virtual reality
  • Transportation, automated vehicles, mapping and location detection (GPS), traffic control
  • Defense, surveillance, virtual training environments
  • Environment, environmental monitoring, meteorology
  • Archaeology, digitization and 3-Dimensional restoration of archaeological objects

I took web development just for fun and found that was what I enjoyed most, although I originally came into Hood planning to be a psychology major.

Dominick Barretta, BS '13, Web Development minor
  • Our graduates can choose from among a broad range of opportunities; from startups to large corporations to national labs, the possibilities are expanding every year.
  • According to a recent Hood survey, 95 percent of our MS graduates find jobs or earn promotions in the two years after their graduation.
  • Based on our informal contact with all of our BS graduates shortly before and after they finish, 100% have found a suitable job, professional internship, or graduate school admission by the end of the summer following commencement, often before graduating.

See the Jobs & Internships page for more on opportunities for Hood CS and IT grads.

The Management of Information Technology program was ideal for what I needed to sharpen my skills and meet my career goals.

Sandra Johnson, MS '13

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 62% of the growth in jobs in science-related fields will be in computer science.

In the Forbes Magazine article "The Top Jobs for 2013" six of the 18 top jobs requiring bachelor's degrees were in computer science and technology fields.

  • No. 1 Software Developers (Applications and Systems Software)
  • No. 4 Computer Systems Analysts
  • No. 6 Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  • No. 8 Information Security Analysts, Web Developers and Computer Network Architects
  • No. 11 Computer Programmers
  • No. 15 Database Administrators

In a similar Forbes article, "The Best And Worst Master's Degrees For Jobs Right Now," the number 1 best degree was Information Systems, and Computer Science was tied for number 4.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) January 2013 Salary Survey:

  • In 2012 the average starting salary for a bachelor's degree candidate in Computer Science was $64,000, up from $62,100 in 2011;
  • For a master's degree candidate it was $73,700, up from $70,900 in 2011.

And it's not just about income. Computing and technology jobs are highly rated for career staisfaction.

  • Two computing fields, Software Engineer and Computer Systems Analyst, were among the ten Career Cast's "Best Jobs of 2013."
  • Career Cast said "Computer technology is always changing and becoming more sophisticated. The latest wave in the field is cloud computing, and companies need software engineers able to meet this and other adaptations in the most fundamental facet of 21st century business."
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