[Photo: Dr. G. Dimitoglou]   George Dimitoglou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
Hood College
Frederick, MD 21701-8575

Office: HT 261
E-mail: dimitoglou [at] hood.edu
Tel. 301.696.3980

Science Collaborator at NASA

      Ph.D. Computer Science, The George Washington University
      B.S. Computer Science, Temple University

Scientific/Professional Societies
      IEEE, ACM
      Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (ΦΚΦ)

I am interested in multidisciplinary topics that enable the integration of computer science with other disciplines to solve real-world problems. My work has spanned the application of computer science to areas such as astronomy (solar physics), environmental sciences, health, and manufacturing automation.

Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) for environmental monitoring Development of autonomous surface vehicles and sensor integration for mapping, characterization and monitoring of freshwater lakes and reservoirs.
JHelioviewer - Explore The Sun. Visualization software based on the JPEG 2000 compression standard. Enables serving data in a highly compressed, quality-progressive, region-of-interest based stream. Developed as open-source software by the European Space Agency (ESA) JHelioviewer Team and part of the ESA/NASA Helioviewer Project. Links: project homepage, publications
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Fixed-wing and quad-copter drone development for flight, hardware-in-the-loop and simulation studies, first person view (FPV) flights and sensor payload characterization.
Virtual Manufacturing Automation Challenge. Simulation-based challenge to stimulate research in robotics dealing with problems related to mixed-palletizing and intra-factory package delivery and logistics. Links: VMA-Competition
Simulation: Dynamic Ad Hoc Routing Simulator (DARS). Simulator of mobile, ad hoc network (MANET) protocols. Expandable, comes with Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector Routing (DSDV). Links: project homepage, publications
Algorithms for Lung Cancer Survivability
Algorithms for Leukemia Incidence and Survivability
(1) Performance evaluation of the C4.5 (J48) and Naive Bayes classifiers using Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) data from the National Cancer Institute. Links: project homepage and my publications
(2) Predictive testing of Leukemia Incidence and Survivability. Links: project homepage and my publications
Latest News

2015: Received NASA Agency Honor Group Achievement Award for my work in the Helioviewer Project.
2015: Received NASA's Robert H. Goddard Group Award for Exceptional Service for my work in the Helioviewer Project.
2015: I am grateful to SIMIO LLC for their software grant supporting my research by providing the Simio simulation software.
2014: I am grateful to the McCardell Grant for supporting my research on the "Development of a Multi-Sensor Water Quality Monitoring Station".
2014: Received IEEE Certificate of Notable Services & Contributions for my service as Chair of the Robotics & Automation Society National Capital Area Chapter.
2014: I am grateful to SIMIO LLC for their software grant supporting my research by providing the Simio simulation software.
2014: Received IEEE Certificate of Appreciation for Service for my service and work in public and educational outreach.
2013: I am grateful to SIMIO LLC for their software grant supporting my research by providing the Simio simulation software.
2012: Our open-source Dynamic Ad-Hoc Routing Simulator has been has been added to Softpedia's database of software programs for Mac OS.
2012: Elected Chair of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society Washington DC/NoVA Chapter.
2011: We won! 1st place for Team Hood in the robotics mobility competition at the Virtual Manufacturing Automation Competition at ICRA '11. Kudos to S. McLemore (BS '11)!
Media Coverage: Physorg.com (PDF)..A-Z Robotics (PDF).. NIST press release (PDF)..A-Z Robotics #2 (PDF).
2011: Hood professor played a part in creating solar data software (Frederick News Post, 18-Jan-2011).
2011: I am grateful to the McCardell Grant for supporting my research on "Algorithms for Stacking Boxes: Simulation of Combinatorial Optimization Techniques".
2010: Our (with colleagues from ESA/NASA) JHelioviewer software on scientific data visualization using JPEG2000 (read our publication here) is announced both as an ESA Science and as an ESA News release during the 2010 American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.
Since the releases, we have received international attention from news outlets from all over the world (partial list): MSNBC.. Daily India.. Space Daily.. Red Orbit..Malaysia Sun..PhysOrg..Alpha Galileo (France) among others that will eventually be posted on the project's homepage. Also, YouTube clip has 400,000 views and growing!
2010: My graduate student team just released our multi-platform, discrete-event network simulator DARS (Dynamic Ad Hoc Routing Simulator) on sourceforge.
2010: Accepted invitation to become a member of the Temple University College of Science & Technology Alumni Board for the next two years (2010-2012)..
2009: Our (with colleagues from NIST) book chapter about Simulation to Real Robots with Predictable Results: Methods and Examples is published by Springer in Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Intelligent Systems.
2009: Our (with colleagues from ESA/NASA) article on scientific data visualization using JPEG2000 is published in IEEE's Computing in Science & Engineering.
2009: Received (with our Robotics Team) Kobe City Mayor's Award for Outstanding Performance in...
  Received 2008-09 Faculty Advisor Award, IEEE National Capital Section
  Sample movies (.avi) from Spring '09 graduate Robotics class homework: Autonomous Figure-8, a Parallel parking maneuver and class photo.
2008: Hood Robotics Team gets 1st Place, 2008 Virtual Manufacturing Competition (Robotics)

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