Data Mining Study

Data Mining Algorithms for Lung Cancer Survivability
(in two phases, with James Adams and Carol Jim)

Notes & Resources

  1. DM-SU07-Note01.pdf
  2. DM-SU07-Note02.pdf
  3. DM-SU07-Note03.pdf and Word DOC
  4. Bellaachia, A., Guven, E. Predicting Breast Cancer Survivability Using Data Mining Techniques
  5. Delen, D., Walker, G., Kadam, A. (2004) Predicting breast cancer survivability: a comparison of three data mining methods
  6. A. Kusiak, K.H. Kernstine, J.A. Kern, K.A. McLaughlin, and T.L. Tseng, Data Mining: Medical and Engineering Case Studies

Progress Log

  • Machine Learning Algorithm Properties Matrix (DOC, PDF)
  • Project Status

    The study has been completed and a report has been produced.
    We are in the process of writing a paper for publication.